August 17, 2009

Starting Today: South Beach and Exercise

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Today is the first day of the South Beach Diet take 3 for my wife and I. The difference for me is that this time I’m going to exercise with it. The first time I did South Beach I lost a bunch of weight and kept it off for a little while with minimal exercise, but a prolonged bought with a mild depression pretty well put me down and I am as large now as ever. SO, it’s time to do something about it. Today we walked 1.74 miles in 32’13” before breakfast. My meal plan for the day is :
a one egg veggie omelet w/ Canadian bacon

Morning Snack:
a cheese stick

Green Salad

Afternoon Snack:

steak strips
zucchini and squash

sugar free raspberry Jello with fat free whipped topping.

Well, time to start… on to make breakfast


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  1. toby taff said,

    I have faith in you. I don’t ever want you to go through what your dad does.I’m proud of you.
    Love you

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