January 29, 2007

A poem…

Posted in oddities, poetry at 4:42 am by tobytaff

A vinyl clad cutie

with a boxy back end

Loud and Fast

a comforting friend

Dark Green Chariot

that carried me home

The once fragrant newness

Now a memory long gone


A cloth girded tank

with horses to spare

A 70’s classic

with 2-55 air

Powder blue refuge

from summer time heat

Watching the cars go

from a rear facing seat


Petite but sturdy

on the mountains and flats

A passing of age

that came about fast

though sometimes rocky

an enduring friend

Still near the family

but this too will end


For though these were favorites

of my youth and my age

like all car stories

I’ll turn one more page

The good times and bad times

still up in the air

While I am living

My station wagon affair.


This poem was inspired by 3 of the station wagons that are tied to significant memories.  The first was my father’s evergreen Volkswagen Squareback.  The second was my mother’s sky blue 70’s ford LTD wagon (With rumble seat, of course), and the third my green Ford Escort LX station wagon.  I could have added a stanza about a powder blue squareback that I almost fell out of going around a corner one time, but that was a friends car.  These wagons brought me joy.  They took me to the lake, to the mountains, to family reunions, . . . to life.  They are part of who I am and who I will be.


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