March 29, 2006

O.I.D.A. as a Theological Position

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I have finally decided whether or not my take on God's Providential role with humanity.  Granted, it isn't really my decision, but everyone else stands somewhere so why not me as well.  

My position is o.i.d.a.  Oida in Greek means "I know" and the BADG gives 4 nuanced meanings including "I have come to know" and "I stand in relation to…"  IF o.i.d.a is my position it is used predominately in these two ways.  So what does o.i.d.a. stand for?  "Openness Intertwined with Determinism and Arminianism.  I've chosen to take the middle ground and recognize that there are times in the Bible that seem to indicate God is mutable, and less than omnicient.  I'm OK with that because I think God is self-determining and not determined by our God definition.  There are also times where God determines outcomes, sometimes telling of them many many years in advance.  I'm OK with that because God is God and can do whatever he wants.  Yet the over arching theme of the Bible when God deals with humanity seems to focus on humanity's freewill, and I'm definitely ok with that.

 So o.i.d.a. says for me, "I have come to know God as self-determined.  He can do whatever he wants.  This means that while he determines somethings, God does not necessarily know what is coming in relation to humanity's freewill because God can choose to not know.  It also means that God does not necessarily not know.  If he chooses, he can foresee future events."  

Well, o.i.d.a. that is about as middle of the road as I can get. 


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  1. Tank said,

    I’ve come to call essentialy the same thing “Ajar Theism”, meaning not entirely open, as the open theists claim, not entirely closed, as the determinists claim, but not wanting to stake my claims with the Molinists either.

    Congratulations on making up your own option. Jim Kirk would be proud.

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