January 3, 2006

Over-Rated! (clap clap clapclapclap) or Why did I spend money on King Kong?

Posted in Movies at 3:59 pm by tobytaff

I went and watched King Kong last night and all I got out of it was fodder for complaint. As my bro in law said coming out the door “That was the worst picture I’ve seen in 2006!” I had decided I wasn’t going to see it. Remakes tend to disappoint me, not because I’m more fond of the original, but because of the hype. This was what happened with Kong. Much like Jurrasic Park, which I thought was Ok but not nearly the film everyone raved about, Kong was over the top.

So here are my issues with Kong:

It was way too long. Parts of the movie just dragged. It starts very slow and Kong took way too much time to die at the end of the film. It was like watching a soap opera death scene that you think is over then for the next week the dying person gives gasps of hope before finally dying. (all of Kongs time in New York is contained in the last 45 minutes of the film the New York scenes before shipping out maybe 30 minutes that leaves almost 2 hours on the Island.)
Most of the Island scenes were over the top. Examples: stampeding brontosaurus, the bug attack, Kong fighting the T-Rex tangled in vines
The special effects were mostly good, but the CGIwas too noticable. Don’t get me wrong, the Kong CGI was fantastic, but part of it reminded me of watching old sci-fi with a contemporary eye.

On the positive side, there were some things I enjoyed:

I liked watching Kong smack Ann around and laugh.

I liked watching the ships cook get eaten by the worm things

I liked the fact that they didn’t move the movie into today. It was set in the 30’s

I liked that the natives were truly disturbing

I liked Kong, Jackson made him a loveable ape

Over all, I’ll say the movie was acceptable, but it was no where near the movie hyped. I would rate this one a DVD to watch when you’ve got three hours to kill and need to nap but don’t necessarily want to. It will provide plenty of opportunity for nodding off without missing much of the content.


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