December 9, 2005

Tonight I’m excited!

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School is done for the semester, and I’m glad. Now its the grade waiting. I know I have an A in Greek (an A in NT or Greek means a 94 or higher because in Dr. Lyle’s classes, 94-100 is an A; 84-93 a B; and so on), I have a 95.3 going into the final in NT and will probably make an A; I’m pretty sure I have a B in theological german (an A is possible, but only if I was near perfect on my translation project. . . I made a B on my final); and in theological thought in historical context I have a real shot at an A. It all boils down to the final, and I’ve been on the low A end of the scale on the first two (10 & 10.5 on a 12 point scale). The class that has me excited is theo thought, not because of the grades on the tests, but because of the grade on my research paper. I scored an 11 out of 12 on a paper centered on a topic over which my prof wrote a book. I took a chance and wrote a paper that utilized Paul Ricouer’s hermenteutical arc to connect systematic theology and theological praxis, and it panned out.  Dr. Stiver even said he enjoyed reading it,  I must confess, however, that I was nervous about the topic.  It is a little unnerving to write about a subject your prof is an expert in, but I pulled it off.

Well, that’s all on that topic.  It is now time to kick back, work, work the neighborhood, and read for a month before school starts back up.  I almost wish I was taking the second half of theo thought in the spring now.  Maybe I’ll end up in it at the beginning of the semester, but for now…I don’t think so.
Dr Dan R. Stiver wrote, Theology After Ricouer: New Directions in Hermeneutical Theology.  A book I would highly recommend if you have an interest in hermeneutics.


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