November 27, 2005

Crusaders Fall

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:47 am by tobytaff

I’m in mourning a bit right now.  UMHB lost in the playoffs today.  I can accept a  loss when you get out played, but when you control the ball for  40+ minutes and rush for nearly 300yds and lose because of stupid fumbles… that is hard to swallow.  MHB gave up 24 points directly from turn overs. 2 were bad pitches that left Wesley at the 1 and 17. One was a 75 yd uncontested fumble return for a td.  Apparently the RB just dropped the ball and everyone thought he dropped it out of bounds except for the refs and 1 defender who went ahead and ran it out, though no one chased him.   With all of that the winning margin was 10 points.  Oh well, when you play like that, you don’t deserve to keep playing.  Good luck with finals Crusaders, we’ll strap up and do it again next year.



  1. Tom Kumagai said,

    Hey, man, look at the bright side, back when we were students there, I would not have even imagined that our UMHB would have a foodball team in the 21st century.

    They will do better next time … I hope.

  2. colefrench said,

    Sorry for the defeat, my friend. The Redskins did ’em one better today. Be sure to check my blog every now and again, I will post stuff related to anything from sports, politics and economics…


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