November 1, 2005

Tonight Was Halloween…

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Well, tonight was the big night. I had been warned to expect over 300+ kids, so we planned for over 400. The crowds did not fail. Apparently our house was a big hit. Not only did we offer candy, we also had a table set up with Cocoa, Apple Cider, Chai, and Coffee.

The people came in droves. . .

In all shapes and sizes. . .

I truly was a blast.

Special thanks to Crosspoint Fellowship Church and Hardin Simmons University’s Baptist Student Ministry for supplying candy and beverages and equipment (as well as my place’s of worship, dwelling and work).

And super special thanks to Cole and Jeanette French and Matt and Amber Click

My friends and fellow wanderers in Christ and in the Abilene Community House Church. They did a great job passing out the goodies, making a candy run, and interacting with the people. Without them, I’d have been hanging from my pecan tree.

Now for the fundamentalist Baptists reading this. . . we didn’t celebrate Halloween, we had an “outreach event.” No we did the halloween thing! But numbers wise we went through 2.5 vacuum pump containers of Coffee (= about 5 pots) 1 full 42 cup coffee pot of hot water + 5 hot pots full of hot water + 1 Gallon of Water heated after that was gone. 3 boxes of Apple Cider, 1 30 pack of cocoa+ 27 individual packs and 1 regular sams club box, about 15 bags of candy + some of our kids candy (we bartered they get to pick the halloween candy they want in replacement). I’m going to guess we gave candy to around 500 kids + refreshments for the folks, which the parents really liked. All in all, a great experience. If you want to see the pictures (which I couldn’t get to load) flip over to Flickr and check them out. Here’s the link:

Halloween on Sayles


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