October 27, 2005

Right now, I hate theology.

Posted in School News, Uncategorized at 12:02 pm by tobytaff

    That’s not totally accurate.  More precisely, I hate reading theology right now.  I’m tired of Fiddes, and Rahner, and Grenz, and Pannenberg, and Aquinas, and Augustine, and blah blah blah blah blah….  There’s just too much going on in my family right now to be stressing about reading these guys so I’m taking a break for a semester.  No formal theology class for me in the spring.  Instead, I’m taking Heflin and Mauer.  It’ll be a lot of busy work, but at least I can ignore Karl Rahner for a while, unless of course I come back to a place of wanting to read theological texts.  Nah, I’ll stick to my theological journals, at least their things I want to read.


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  1. I hope Dr.’s Maurer and Heflin choose not to look at your blog, lest they see that you think their classes consist of naught but busywork.

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